Hidden history of computer hacking

Mark Ward – In 1998, Chris Wysopal and friends discovered a way to shut down the internet. With just 30 minutes of work they believed they could do enough damage to stop the world wide network operating for a couple of days. They told people about what they found but not in a chat channel [...]

Exposing the hidden history of computer hacking

27 October 2014 Last updated at 01:25 By Mark Ward Technology correspondent, BBC News Today many rely on computer hackers to find bugs before the bad guys get hold of them In 1998, Chris Wysopal and friends discovered a way to shut down the internet. With just 30 minutes of work they believed they could [...]

Rare 1976 Apple 1 set to fetch £309000 at Bonhams’ History of Science auction

History of Science sale will take place at Bonhams, New York on Wednesday  It features books, scientific and technological gadgets, photos, and prints ranging from the 16th to 20th centuries This includes a letter by Charles Darwin detailing reproduction of barnacles It also features a Helmholtz Sound Synthesizer and an Ada Lovelace sketch The most [...]

The Henry Ford gets a piece of computing history with "Apple-1"

The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn has acquired one of the world’s foremost digital artifacts: an Apple-1 computer. As the first pre-assembled personal computer ever sold, the Apple-1 marked a key moment at the start of the digital age. The Henry Ford got one of 50 hand-built in 1976 by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak–in fellow [...]

A piece of Apple history sells for $900000

(Reuters) – One of the few remaining examples of Apple Inc’s first pre-assembled computer, Apple-1, sold for $905,000 at an auction in New York on Wednesday, far outstripping expectations. The relic, which sparked a revolution in home computing, is thought to be one of the first batch of 50 Apple-1 machines assembled by Apple co-founder [...]

‘Steve Jobs had a very deep understanding of history.’ Here’s why all …

It’s good to focus on the future. But many of this generation’s greatest innovators have been as obsessed with the past as with the future, argues Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs’ biographer and author of a new history of the great computer innovators over the last few hundred years. “Steve Jobs had a very deep understanding of [...]

The Henry Ford Acquires 1976 Apple-1 Computer at Bonhams History of …

Computer one of first 50 originally produced by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs Dearborn, Mich. (PRWEB) October 22, 2014 The Henry Ford confirmed today the acquisition of a 1976 Apple-1 computer, one of the first 50 originally produced and still in operational condition. The Apple-1 was purchased at Bonhams History of Science auction in New [...]

The First Apple Computer Stars In Tomorrow’s Amazing History Of Science Auction

An original Apple 1 computer built by Steve Wozniak in the Jobs family garage is the star attraction in an incredible collection of scientific collectibles being auctioned off in New York tomorrow. Bonhams History of Science auction – its first – is a history buff’s ultimate shopping trip. Along with the Apple 1, of which [...]

Auction offers fascinating glimpse into the history of science and technology

Apple-1 Computer. (Image courtesy of Bonhams) From one of the first Apple computers to a Charles Darwin letter discussing Barnacle sex, a major auction of technological and scientific artifacts this week will give a fascinating glimpse into the great minds that helped shape our world. Spanning centuries, the 288 items in the sale are estimated to [...]

PARC Alto source code released by computer history museum

Choosing a cloud hosting partner with confidence The Computer History Museum in Mountain View has released another foundational piece of software to the world at large: some of the code that gave the world the Xerox Alto computer, which among other things helped inspire a couple of young garage developers, Steves Jobs and Wozniak. To [...]