Hungary to Host Conference on History of Computer Science

MOSCOW, September 19 (RIA Novosti) – The 8th IT STAR Workshop on the History of Computing will take place on September 19 in Szeged, Hungary. The conference will be dedicated to the history of computer science in the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. It will feature more than 10 speakers, from Poland, Italy, [...]

What’s Happening: Living history, Tech talk, free computer classes

18 | THURSDAY DEBATE TONIGHT A trial lawyer and Montana Tech professor will debate on the U.S. Constitution from 7 to 9 p.m. in Montana Tech’s University Relations Center. They are Shane Krauser, of Chandler, Ariz., and John Ray, Ph.D., a Montana Tech political science and public policy professor. Krauser is the director of the [...]

A history of misses haunt RadioShack

In an alternate universe, RadioShack Corp. would rule the world, supplying all of your electronics needs from computers to cellphones, and even making them. But in this world, RadioShack is almost bankrupt, having missed almost every opportunity to be the centre of the technology revolution. Last week, the electronics retailer announced its latest quarterly loss [...]

History of the Personal Computer: Leading up to Intel’s 4004, the first …

The personal computing business as we know it owes itself to an environment of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and happenstance. Before PCs, the mainframe and minicomputer business model was formed around a single company providing an entire ecosystem; from building the hardware, installation, maintenance, writing the software, and training operators. The invention of the microprocessor, DRAM, and [...]

h+ Magazine | Future Ancestry Research

By: Lincoln Cannon Technology, and particularly computing, is essential to family history. Without it, we could still tell family stories to our children, but we certainly couldn’t substantiate those stories from billions of historical records into millions of family trees, as web applications like FamilySearch and do today. In the 1960s, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore [...]

History Lesson: Dragon 32, the Welsh computer

What, you naturally assumed Wales had no role in the history of home computers? That’ll teach you. Take a look at the Dragon 32, Swansea toy company Mettoy’s knee-jerk attempt to get some loving as the ZX81 and VIC-20 started cascading into British homes. Zoom They don’t make ads like this any more. Um, which [...]

Blogging History: Arizona teen exorcists; Philadelphia Free Library is …

One yearTeen exorcists from Arizona take on the UK and Harry Potter: Brynne Larson and Tess and Savannah Scherkenback, teenage girls from Arizona who happen to be exorcists just like Brynne’s dad, visit the UK! I bet they were a huge hit there. After all, Harry Potter author JK Rowling is British and, as Tess [...]

Are you a child of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s or ’90s? Your computer use history has …

It’s always nice to take the occasional stroll down memory lane, reminiscing over past experiences and the things you used to like or grew up with. Our first computers, or game consoles, are usually something of an important milestone in our lives as we discover the possibilities they offer. I had my first computer at [...]

Broadcom Foundation, Computer History Museum to support US STEM education

California-based communications chip maker Broadcom Corp´s (NASDAQ: BRCM) Broadcom Foundation non-profit and the Computer History Museum have announced a partnership to introduce underserved middle school students to coding and applied math through an innovative new community outreach initiative called Broadcom PresentsDesign_Code_Build. Broadcom Presents Design_Code_Build is a series of interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) [...]

Who is the best defensive tackle in OSU history? Voting ends Friday

Posted: Thursday, September 11, 2014 12:00 am | Updated: 2:35 pm, Thu Sep 11, 2014. Who is the best defensive tackle in OSU history? Voting ends Friday By Staff Reports | 1 comment This fall, you get the chance to crown the kings of Oklahoma State football. Each Monday, we’ll announce five candidates for the [...]